Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Coptic Art revealed - Exhibition Cairo November 2010 - January 2011

An exhibition of Coptic art called 'Coptic Art Revealed' will open at Amir Taz Palace Cairo, commencing 28th November 2010 until January 31st 2011.

Quote from Dr. Nadja Tomoum Project Manager and Chief Curator;

"More than 200 masterpieces of Coptic art will be displayed on around 400 m2: Colourful icons painted by the famous artists Yuhanna Al Armani, Ibrahim Al Nasikh and Anastasi Al Rumi, beautiful textiles, illuminated manuscripts from the Coptic Museum’s archives, an excerpt from the famous Nag Hammadi Library, stone and wooden friezes with intriguing designs as well as splendid metal objects and pottery, among other priceless items will give expression to important facets of the Coptic culture."

More information here: http://copticartrevealed.coptic-cairo.com/index.html

Fortunately I will be in Cairo in January so - inshallah, will visit the exhibition

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