Friday, 11 September 2009

St. Mark Foundation Coptic History Studies - Symposium Aswan 2010

A reminder that the St Mark Foundation for Coptic History studies will be hosting the 2010 symposium at Aswan from January 31st - February 4th

For further information check the coptic research website at or email me at

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Workshop on Coptic documentation in Cairo (May 30-31

Supreme Council of Antiquities "Department of the Documentation and Registration of the Coptic Monuments"

Inauguration of a Department of the Documentation and Registration of the Coptic Monuments by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. You are kindly invited to either attend this workshop or to offer any kind of support, technical or else.

Ministry of Culture
Supreme Council of Antiquities
General Department of the Documentation
and Registration of Coptic Monuments
3 Al-aadel Abubakr st., Zamalek, Cairo
00202- 273-656-45, 273- 587- 49

Dear Colleague:
On behalf of Dr. Zahi Hawass, I would like to announce the inauguration of a newly established Department by the SCA titled "Department of the Documentation and Registration of the Coptic Monuments". This Department aims to:
1) Fully document and register all Coptic monuments in: museums, different archaeological sights (related to either Islamic and Coptic or Pharaonic sectors' sights), excavations outcome, stores and magazines and every Coptic monument in Egypt.
2) Preparation for publications of these documentations.
3) Initiation of the Coptic monuments cultural awareness through: Lectures, training courses, periodicals etc.
4) Arrangement and gathering of efforts of all whom are interested and experts in Coptology in and outside Egypt.
The Department is about to hold a preliminary workshop at 30, 31 May 2009 entitled "Documentation and registration of Coptic monuments, challenges and solutions" in 3 Al-aadel Abubakr st., Zamalek, Cairo.
This workshop will include round table discussions in different fields: Survey and architectural documentation, GIS, icons, Coptic papyri, photography and new documentation techniques, wood, metals, textiles, and other fields of Coptic monuments Documentation.
These discussions aim to:
Allow a kind of brainstorming between experts to get different ideas which will help to figure out a detailed plan of action.
To recognize and arrange efforts between Coptologists and those who may be involved in this National project of the Documentation of the Coptic monuments. You are kindly invited to either attend this workshop or to offer any kind of support, technical or else.
If you have any ideas concerning this project, or any questions or suggestions, please contact me:

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

, 002105399455
Dr. Louay Mahmoud Saied
GM of the General Department of the Documentation and Registration of Coptic Monuments
SCA, Cairo, Egypt

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Coptic lectures in London

A colleague, Joost Hagen in Leiden has just notified me of three lectures he is giving in London this coming week;
The information is below - I hope some of you are able to attend.

Some of you might know I hope to be in London and give three different lectures about my research next week.
Apart from the one during the Sudan Archaeological Research Society day in the British Museum on Monday, which in a way briefly summarizes the other two,

There is one on Tuesday at SOAS and one on Wednesday for the EES.

The details are the following: SOAS:

Tuesday the 12th of May, 5-7 PM, in room FG01 of the Faber Building of SOAS in Thornhaugh Street / Russell Square: Wine for the Bishop: Kings and Saints of medieval Christian Nubia: New evidence from Qasr Ibrim EES:

Wednesday the 13th of May, 6:30-7:30 PM, in the Committee Room of the Egypt Exploration Society, 3, Doughty Mews, London: A dossier of one Arabic and four Coptic letters found at Qasr Ibrim: Christian Nubia, Muslim Egypt and the Blemmyes / Beja in 758-60 AD

The SOAS lecture is free and accessible for all, but for the EES one, only some seven of the twenty(-five) places are still available; these can be obtained via the internet by filling out the form provided here:

(please copy and paste; also accessible via the EES website). I would be very happy if I could welcome you at one of these lectures!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Coptic culture - Ancient Egyptian Literature, Part IX

Ancient Egyptian Literature, Part IX
by Ed Rizkalla
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” Psalm 111.10
(رأس الحكمة مخافة اللة)
As the writer was a child growing up in Egypt, it was common to respectfully address a Muslim as (الشيخ) which means “Elder”, and a Copt as (المعلم), which means “Teacher”. Perhaps addressing a Copt as a “Teacher” shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some historians e.g. the Arab historian Al-Maqrizi (1) noted that the Copts were in fact (اهل علم) people of knowledge. Likewise, Coptic businessmen or employees were known to be (حقانين) which means people who conduct their business with diligence and strive for perfection and excellence. In prior articles of this series, the writer explored several examples from ancient Egyptian literature to help shed light on several Coptic cultural attributes, norms, and values. In this posting, the writer, with the grace of Christ the Lord, will present another example of ancient Egyptian literature, the “Satirical Letter of Papyrus Anastasi I“, to shed light on two Coptic cultural attributes 1) the respect for education, knowledge, and love of wisdom, and more specifically on their predisposition to strive for excellence, and 2) the joy
of life.

See full article via U.S. Copts association -

New Coptic Newsletter on the horizon

Coming soon - to a home near you!

All being well - inshallah - in the coming weeks I hope to organise a new online version of a Coptic newsletter - bringing news, views from around the Coptic world - including;
Coptic culture - archaeology - history art and architecture.
I also hope to bring news from the monasteries - recent conservation work and news etc

All contributions in the form of news, articles and photographs are welcome.
Please email me direct to;

More information as and when this develops

Dr Gawdat Gabra interview

While you are waiting eagerly for Coptic news from around the world, don't forget I have two interviews for you to watch - one interview I had with the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Desert Fathers, and a more recent interview with myself and the reknowned Coptologist Dr Gawdat Gabra.
Go to our website and click on the releative photographs for each interview


Friday, 16 January 2009

Coptic Church to Nominate Pope Shenouda for Nobel Peace Prize

By Amr Bayoumi 13/ 1/ 2009
The Egyptian Orthodox Church welcomed a proposal by the expatriate Copts to nominate Pope Shenouda III for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Yet the Secular Copts Front said it would be difficult due to the political inclinations that determine who would get the prize.Bishop of Helwan and Maasara Rev. Basenti said Pope Shenouda has contributed to peace in Egypt, the Middle East and the whole world, stressing that the Pope is quite qualified for the prize and that he received honorary doctorate degrees for peace from many universities around the world.�He said the Holy Synod did not discuss the proposal with the Pope, but all its members are for it.

Read full article here;

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy Coptic Christmas

To all of you in Egypt and those following the Coptic tradition around the world, may I offer you all a Happy Coptic Christmas for January 7th - you may now prepare for having a good feed!

The midnight mass will be held at St. Mark's Cathedral Abyssia Cairo Wednesday 7th January

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Coptic Christmas

Just a reminder to all readers that the Coptic Christmas falls on January 7th - May you all have a peaceful and healthy one