Sunday, 10 May 2009

Coptic lectures in London

A colleague, Joost Hagen in Leiden has just notified me of three lectures he is giving in London this coming week;
The information is below - I hope some of you are able to attend.

Some of you might know I hope to be in London and give three different lectures about my research next week.
Apart from the one during the Sudan Archaeological Research Society day in the British Museum on Monday, which in a way briefly summarizes the other two,

There is one on Tuesday at SOAS and one on Wednesday for the EES.

The details are the following: SOAS:

Tuesday the 12th of May, 5-7 PM, in room FG01 of the Faber Building of SOAS in Thornhaugh Street / Russell Square: Wine for the Bishop: Kings and Saints of medieval Christian Nubia: New evidence from Qasr Ibrim EES:

Wednesday the 13th of May, 6:30-7:30 PM, in the Committee Room of the Egypt Exploration Society, 3, Doughty Mews, London: A dossier of one Arabic and four Coptic letters found at Qasr Ibrim: Christian Nubia, Muslim Egypt and the Blemmyes / Beja in 758-60 AD

The SOAS lecture is free and accessible for all, but for the EES one, only some seven of the twenty(-five) places are still available; these can be obtained via the internet by filling out the form provided here:

(please copy and paste; also accessible via the EES website). I would be very happy if I could welcome you at one of these lectures!

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