Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Coptic Conference Alexandria September 21st-23rd

The Coptic conference in Alexandria organised by the calligraphy Centre of the Egyptian has now been brought forward to September 21st - until 23rd

I hope to arrange a video conference link at Swansea University, however, it will be covered via the Internet - inshallah!

More details here -

The subjects covered are:
Conference Themes
1. History and Archaeology in Egypt in the Byzantine Period,
2. History and Archaeology in Egypt in the Coptic Period,
3. Minor Art in Coptic Egypt,
4. Coptic Language, Architecture,
5. Restoration (wood, metal work, textile, etc) ,
6. Coptic Icons and Murals,
7. Touristic Sites Development,
8. Environment, Architecture,
9. Comparative Studies between Ancient Egyptian and Coptic Eras.

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